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Ten Rules for Being Human

Ten Rules for Being Human

. There is no owner’s manual for life, but these guidelines make sense.   I’ve come across this list many times and love it so much that I decided to share it here.  They are Dr Chérie Carter-Scott’s rules for being human. . 1. You will receive a body You may […]
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Troy the trojan cat

This story does not have a happy ending. Troy is my tabby cat given to me by friends as a Christmas gift about three years ago.  Yes, my friends gave me a cat for Christmas… I remember getting ready to go out that day for drinks with my friend Sam, […]

Happy 2017

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is here!   I am grateful for all of the opportunities and experiences I had in 2016.   More so, I am grateful that it was drama-free. I was always striving for balance, but one of the most important things I learned was that there is […]
Year 2016 in review
December calendar

Get your printable December calendar

Hi friends. We made it.  It is nearly December and with that time for family, friends, fun, food and festivities. November came with blessings that I didn’t foresee.  I’m not thrilled how it came about, but I am grateful nonetheless.  After much confusion, big decisions, shockeramas and dramas, the light […]

Get your printable November calendar now

Hello sweet November! I hope everyone’s had a fabulous October and that November will only bring great things. For me November is like an in-betweener month before all the holiday busy-ness sets in.   Although this will probably be the least busy holiday for me since forever.   A few […]